Explore the Nho Que River

When it comes to famous destinations in Ha Giang Province, you cannot miss Nho Que River – the river under the foot of the legendary Ma Pi Leng Pass. “The green river on the stone plateau” – Just a few descriptions are enough to arouse the curiosity of travel lovers of a romantic landscape. Especially, for adventurers who are interested in conquering Ma Pi Leng, the journey along Nho Que River is also a choice full of fascinating things.

Where is Nho Que River from?

Nho Que River derives from Nghiem Son Mountain which is 1,500m in height, runs through Dong Van and Meo Vac District of Ha Giang before flowing into Gam River in Bao Lam District of Cao Bang. The total length of Nho Que River is 192km, but the river section in Viet Nam is not too long (about 46km). 15km from Lung Cu, this river flows through Tu San Canyon and Ma Pi Leng Pass in Meo Vac District, Ha Giang

With the extremely rugged terrain, Nho Que River Valley is regarded as one of the deepest canyons in Southeast Asia and one of the unique tectonic valleys in Vietnam. Standing on the peak of Ma Pi Leng, looking down to the abyss, we can see the green Nho Que River winding through the mountainside and feel the majesty of nature.

How to discover Nho Que River?

To discover the beauty of this river, you can drive the motorbike on the trail of natives on the mountain slope which parallels to the river underneath. From Ma Pi Leng, it takes backpackers about 30 minutes to reach the river with the 12km (by bus or motorcycle). There are times when you have to take a detour due to the abyss or high mountains. Roads are so narrow, bumpy and craggy that even the best motorcyclists must also hold their breath whenever going downhill. Passing sharp bends and a series of rough rapids, you can set foot on the Nho Que River Valley. Two sides are steep cliffs creating a deep and narrow canyon. The sound of water flowing under your foot brings an indescribable feeling, both delighted and a little scared.

Along Nho Que River, there are sections running through rugged rock layers, which forms a lot of white rapids in the middle of the valley. There are also sections where water flows smoothly and poetically. However, the river section running through Tu San Canyon and Ma Pi Leng Pass is considered the most spectacular. The water is emerald green– a mesmerizing color which enthralls almost all people. The color of water blending with the green color of forests creates a picturesque Ha Giang

In the summer, the whole stone plateau is as hot as a giant volcano. People depend on only natural sources of water (rivers or streams), so Nho Que River becomes the place which provides locals with the valuable water source.

Coming to Ha Giang, visitors having conquered Ma Pi Leng Pass will certainly have the desire to admire Nho Que River and vice versa. These two magnificent landscapes are really a legendary couple of the stone plateau.

With the poetic beauty beside the majestic Ma Pi Leng Pass, Nho Que River boasts its attractiveness regardless of changes of time. Every year, travelers are so excited to come here, enjoy red bombax throughout the terraces in the mountainside, back pass and immerse in the breathtaking beauty of the river. It is a good way not only to indulge the passion for travel but also to explore every beauty spot in the northernmost place of the country. So don’t miss the chance to reach one of the most stunning natural settings in Vietnam – the river of mysteries.

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