Corn liquor - specialty of Ha Giang fair


Corn liquor heating upland markets and can not be absent in the food sold in the market. No hustle and bustle, not exchange words that only the tinkling along the warm handshake.

Liquor section is focused exclusively at the corner market, the 10-liter can of wine, 20 liters of queues.

Here, the majority of sellers are women. Wine is made from native corn combined with traditional leaves ferment slightly unpleasant smell, so when you drink with flowing sweetness, flavor, not bitter. The average wine 25-30 degrees.

Before buying wine at the market, buyers can freely try then. With many people can not drink alcohol, try from the start to the end of the booth can also drunk.

To markets, not only men, but women also enjoy the free bit pungent.

In any market day on the rocky plateau also has one or two rows of corn liquor, diners can try the wine until satisfactory choice type. If you do not buy the seller still fun solicitation. The plastic can lid touted wine man walks through the sale of alcohol.

April every year is the time of harvest corn, the golden corn hanging from the rafters to avoid moisture geek, keep long time. Daily corn used to make men men, pet food, and the rest is brewed wine. Corn liquor made primarily to serve the needs of the family or living, many new families who have alcohol sold.

Just drunk, people comfortable sharing your life stories after a week of labor.

Mỗi dịp đến chợ , rượu ngô mới là thứ níu chân đàn ông, đàn bà, trai gái, già trẻ ở lại chợ cho đến xế chiều.


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