Valley Sung La - Place rocks bloom


Go to the National Highway 4C is you will come to the Valley Sung La,  About 20 km from Dong Van district and You can go towards Yen Minh district to arrive ..

If you go in the direction from Yen Minh, you go to Dong Van Plateau, via fork Pho Bang will arrive at a beautiful place that is high passes are small but can see the entire Sung La valley with panoramic disasters beautiful course fascinated.

Valley Sung La looks like a beautiful picture of nature, majestic.

From high on a beautiful pass it, you guide your eyes away and cover the whole valley Sung La, this time they appear before your eyes as a spectacular natural picture that poetic. Picture painted Colourfully  that notably leaves and green grass. The beauty of the picture is also reflected in the beauty of peace, quiet, we can feel really relaxed when they admire it. Sung La is located between the rows of undulating rugged mountains, deep dark color, solid houses with roofs faded over time.

Standing on a high mountain pass looking down, you can see on the space of the garden, yellow corn is dried mixed soybeans with make striking color.

Furthermore you will see farmers being cared for items that were harvested dried, the Sung La girls sat weaving inside looms, they do not speak the national language a lot, but still happy to invite you to a bowl of water for support noonday thirst..

A beautiful scene worthy of tourists admire the Valley Sung La is buckwheat flower mixed yellow Cauliflower on the fields. Along with corn fields, rice bottom of the valley brings a colorful picture of this place.