Cheap Dorm in Ha Giang


         This land of the North East make a memory of a buck wheat flower crop Dye a wide range of sky, About a brilliant yellow carpet, bright young, about the colorful coat of Ethnic girl mountain, majestic mountain scenery of the northwest forest.Moreover, this place also reminds people of the memories of many attractive dusty travel experiences. As an adventurous player, are you ready to come to Ha Giang to conquer these challenges?


Ha Giang is one of the attractive tourist destination with many attractions and famous places. When traveling to explore Ha Giang, you do not have to go far to find a high quality hotel. one of the hotel received a lot of customer satisfaction is Ha Giang Backpacker Hostel, Located near the bus station is very convenient for travelers.


If you want to make a reservation please contact:

Ha Giang Backpacker Hostel: Cau Me,  Ha Giang City (Near the bus station)
Hotline: 0914.908.887